Many international members of our community report that they have trouble meeting American students, practicing their English, and asking questions about U.S. culture. Some of these international students have the additional challenge of teaching in a U.S. classroom where language and cross-cultural communication skills are critical. The Center for American English Language and Culture (CAELC) created the VISAS program to help international members of the UVA Community develop their English language and intercultural communication skills and to build bridges between domestic and international UVA community members. In 2020, CAELC created MOVE to provide translated resources to speakers of other language at UVA and in Charlottesville needing access to critical relief services.

If you are interested in joining us a volunteer and supporting these populations, click the links below to find out more information.

Students conversing at table

Conversation Facilitator

Help plan, host, and facilitate weekly VISAS Café group discussion events.

Classroom Consultant Header

Classroom Consultant

Work with a small group of international TAs in training throughout the semester.

Document Translator Header

Document Translator

Translate documents for community services and non-profit or university organizations.

ESL Assistant Header

ESL Assistant

Assist international graduate students as they work on their oral English in CAELC ESL classes.

Language Consultant Header

Language Consultant

Meet with 1-2 international student for an hour a week for English practice and cultural exchange.

Media Consultant Header

Media Consultant

Use your media skills (photography, graphic design, etc.) to spread the word about VISAS.

Teaching Consultant Header

Teaching Consultant

Observe and support an international TA who is new to teaching in a U.S. classroom.

Workplace ESL Assistant Header

Workplace ESL Assistant

Help UVA service employees improve their English and other skills once a week.

  Student teaching in front of class with Make a Difference text highlighted

Find out about other opportunities to get involved at CAELC by going to this link.