Welcome to CAELC

English as a Second Language (ESL) services at the University are offered through the Center for American English Language and Culture (CAELC). CAELC is charged both to provide leadership on issues related to ESL/intercultural communication and to help members of the University of Virginia community attain the level of linguistic and cultural proficiency needed for success at a research university in the United States. See our visual fact sheet and our complete fact sheet (pdf).


News & Updates

The COVID-19 situation is rapidly evolving, so it is difficult to predict what the circumstances will be this summer. However, at this point we are continuing to review and admit students to our Summer English for Academic Purposes Program.
In accordance with University of Virginia's spring 2020 announcement, all CAELC ESL courses will be delivered online.  Please check with your individual instructor to discuss any questions or concerns regarding the specific course in which you are enrolled.
Interested in the TESOL Certificate? Contact us at CAELC at caelc@virginia.edu! If you have been accepted into the TESOL Certificate Program and have completed the required courses, fill out the application for completion to get the Certificate added to your transcript before graduation! Deadline is May 1, 2020 for those graduating in Spring 2020.
CAELC Classes will begin the week of January 27th and end the week of April 20th. Course recommendations for Spring 2020 semester were sent to students the week of December 16-20. If you have a change to the class you were placed in, please refer to your course letter for additional instructions.
We will hold our next SPEAK Test administration for prospective TAs in April and our next UVELPE in January.

"The classes and teachers are very fun and helpful. They really care about the student and want to help the students adjust quickly to the culture and environment here in Charlottesville. I am very thankful! And what's more, I have also made quite a lot of friends here! Thanks EAP program!"

- EAP Student