Prepare for Testing

VISAS OrientationTo successfully complete your language proficiency testing, it is very important that you follow the steps below before and during the test. Please prepare your technology setup and testing environment as soon as possible. We recommend beginning your preparations soon after your test registration. You may not be able to complete your test if you do not complete these steps.

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Step One: Locate your best internet connection.

Our assessment can sometimes generate errors if a student's internet connection is unstable. We recommend locating the best internet connection available to you whenever you are taking the assessment in order to avoid this possibility.

Step Two: Prepare your computer.

Your assessment will be a combination of multiple choice questions, a written academic essay, and a recorded oral assessment. It must be done on a laptop or desktop computer and may require some preparation on your part. To successfully complete our assessment, you must have the following hardware and applications installed and ready to use:

  1. Webcam
  2. Microphone
  3. Speakers
  4. Google Chrome browser
  5. Computer set to Eastern Standard Time Zone. (If this is not set, you might be unable to access the test.)

Step Three: Set up your UVA login credentials.

Our assessment requires that you successfully log in to UVA's system, which means that you must be set up with NetBadge and Duo. To make sure that your UVA credentials are set up properly, we recommend following the steps below:

  1. Complete ITS's Student IT Checklist, which includes NetBadge and Duo. Make sure that you keep the mobile phone associated with your Duo account handy when you begin your assessment. You will need to it to access your UVA account and the UVELPE.
  2. Setup your password recovery:
    1. Go to ITS's Password Help & ID Lookup site.
    2. Under Password Help, click Manage Your Security Questions and log into the Identity & Access Management Portal.
    3. Make sure you are on My Profile (see tabs at top of page).
    4. Go to Password Recovery and enter an alternate email address (not your address) and a mobile phone number. If there is a problem with your login on testing day, this will help.
    5. Click Submit at the bottom of the page.

Step Four: Have a photo ID ready.

At the beginning of your oral assessment, you must produce a photo ID so that we can verify your identity. We recommend using a passport or a country-issued ID. You may also use your UVA student ID if you have one. Please have this ID ready before you start assessment.

Step Five: Prepare your testing environment.

During the test, the following is not allowed:

  • Interacting with anyone
  • Looking off screen or away from the camera
  • Moving out of frame of the camera
  • Accessing any outside material or devices
  • Taking notes during the oral or grammar assessments
  • Leaving the web browser (unless you experience technical difficulties and are forced to restart the site)
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We recommend assessing your environment prior to the UVELPE so that you can avoid these actions.

Step Six: Relax!

The UVELPE and UVELPE Oral are not assessments that require extensive preparation and they will not affect your enrollment in UVA. They are meant to assess your English language proficiency, and we will make recommendations for further language and cultural support based on your assessment, if needed. If you want more information on these assessments, please visit this page.