VISAS: English Language Volunteering

UVA students, staff, faculty, or alumni interested in volunteering with VISAS, please fill out the form below. New volunteers will be directed to an application. Returning volunteers will be directed to a registration. 


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Please learn about each VISAS program below before filling out your application. For more detailed information on each of our respective programs, please visit our website. Students will be selected and contacted shortly after the deadline.


The VISAS Program. Why is it needed?

If you've ever been abroad, you may know what it's like trying to adjust to a new language and culture. Many international members of our community report that they have trouble meeting American students, practicing their English, and asking questions about U.S. culture. Some of these international students have the additional challenge of teaching in a U.S. classroom where language and cross-cultural communication skills are critical. The Center for American English Language and Culture created the VISAS program to help international members of the UVA Community develop their English language and intercultural communication skills and to build bridges between domestic and international UVA community members.


An incredible opportunity, right in our own backyard...

We are lucky at UVA to have such a diverse representation of students, scholars, and staff from around the world. Many American students seek opportunities to travel in order to get to know another culture, but right here on Grounds is a hidden opportunity to build a personal connection to another culture. VISAS volunteers recognize the benefit of bringing together individuals of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds for their own personal growth and learning, as they welcome newcomers to UVA. For a video description of the VISAS program, check out this video created by our VISAS interns.

For more detailed information and resources, please visit the VISAS website.


Ways to Volunteer:

Requirements for all positions

You must attend a 90-minute orientation session, agree to fulfill the duties for your position, and touch base weekly with VISAS staff and other volunteers. At the orientation, you'll be given guidelines and advice, ideas and resources. 

For information about the upcoming orientation, please visit our website.


Volunteers report that they learn a great deal about other cultures, have a great time, and build enduring international friendships. Many participants go on to work or volunteer in related fields such as ESL/EFL, international development, and education.