Summer EAP Classes

Participants enrolled in English for Academic Purposes typically attend four one-and-a-half-hour classes each day, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday. Classes focus on the following topics:


Through analyzing models and through individual writing practice, participants review the style, organization, structure and vocabulary associated with a number of academic writing tasks. Participants complete daily writing assignments, conference with their instructor, and revise their work.

Reading and Vocabulary Development

Participants are introduced to a variety of written materials and learn how to increase their ability to manage those materials. Course topics include: (a) word study (vocabulary building), (b) fluency techniques (for speed and accuracy), (c) comprehension development, and (d) use of appropriate writing components to explain written texts.


Participants review the pronunciation of standard American English for both production and comprehension purposes. Guided practice follows. Topics in the listening component include discourse markers, lecture organization, note taking, context and prediction, spotting main ideas, strategies for understanding and following lectures, and catching numbers and dates.

Academic Oral Communication

Participants review and practice strategies to enhance oral communication with colleagues, classmates, and professional contacts within the university community. They develop skills needed for group discussions and oral presentations.