IC Community English Language Programs

IC Multiskills English & Advanced Oral Communication Courses

Application and fee are required.  This class focuses on the areas of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation to reinforce listening, speaking, and reading for the intermediate to advanced student.  Non-credit course fee for 40 hours of instruction is $293.

Mondays and Wednesdays, 9 – 11am
Spring 2019: February 4 - April 17 (no class on 3/11 and 3/13)

Application and fee are required.  This class is designed to help students speak fluently and accurately.  Students will work on improving pronunciation, learn idioms, review parts of speech, and give oral presentations.  There is weekly written homework. Non-credit course fee for 20 hours of instruction is $244.

Thursdays, 9 – 11am
Spring 2019: February 7 - April 18 (no class on 3/14)

*Sections may be combined if there is low enrollment.
The University reserves the right to make changes to future course fees

Application Process for Spring 2019*

  1. Fill out this form to indicate your interest in the courses by January 24, 2019.
  2. Attend a group screening meeting with the instructor, Claudine O'Brien, at the International Center on January 24, 2019.  The instructor will determine if your English level is appropriate for one or both classes.  If your level is too low or too high, you will not be able to take the class.
  3. If accepted, CAELC will email you the online class application form to complete by February 15, 2019.
  4. Applications are due by January 30, 2019 end of day.  Once you submit your application, CAELC will enroll you in the Student Information System (SIS), and the University will bill you for the course.
  5. Classes begin the week of February 4, 2019.
  6. Payment is due by February 22, 2019.  You can pay for the class online or at the UVA Cashier's Office.  You will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to pay once you fill out your application.
  7. (For Waitlisted Students) After the application deadline of January 30, we will start admitting students from the waiting list if there is room.

*If you are a returning student, please contact caelc@virginia.edu for application details.

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